Gambling in Australia: What Are the Rules?

Australia is considered the most gambling country in the world for a reason. Every year, every Australian spends $1,300 on gambling. At the same time, the budgets of individual states are, on average, formed from the income from the gambling business by around 10%. And this is not the limit. At the same time, the gambling industry is fairly well regulated in the country.

How Gambling Is Regulated in Australia

The Interactive Gambling Act was passed by the Australian government in 2001. The law is aimed at operators of online gambling and defines only the general rules for the participation of players in gambling:

  • age limit for participation in gambling is 18 years;
  • the government of the country interprets the win not as a profit, but as a player’s luck, because having won once, the next time, a player is likely to lose;
  • it is prohibited to use credit cards for payments in online casinos;
  • operators must, within 14 days, carry out identification of their customers to protect vulnerable groups of the population, which also include minors;
  • players visiting sites to place bets on horse racing through illegal operators may face legal seizure of computers and gadgets from which such activities were carried out.

Self-Exclusion Tools in Australia

The self-exclusion system is an integral part of a healthy gambling market. In December 2019, the Australian parliament passed legislation establishing a self-exclusion register in the state. Such a measure would close a clear consumer protection gap. The Australian Communications and Media Authority oversees the implementation of the program. Thanks to it, anyone can restrict themselves from gambling for a certain period. Operators are subject to fines if the rules are violated.

What is Responsible Gambling

One of the most important components of gambling in the modern world is the user’s safety and interests. All this has created the trend of responsible gambling. There is no single generally accepted set of rules for responsible gambling. Different Australian states determine the optimal rules.

Despite the difference in principles, the presence of responsible gambling is a prerequisite for the operation of the gambling market. Responsible gambling in a broad sense means informing players about the risks and nature of gambling, encouraging betting within reasonable limits, providing all the necessary information to assess risks and keeping minors away from gambling. The player must treat games as fun and pastime, not as a way to get money or to deal with pain and be prepared for possible loss.

More than 80% of Australian adults are involved in land-based or online gambling, 32% are casino games out of them. The complete legalization of all casinos in Australia has created such a situation. This applies not only to online casinos but also to ordinary land-based gambling establishments. However, virtual versions of gambling are undoubtedly dominant.

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